Hotel Mapping by Vervotech is Transforming the Travel Industry

UNICA Hotel Mapping is resolving the infuriating problem of Hotel content duplication with a whopping 99.99% Accuracy. So what is UNICA and how is it so effectively changing the travel technology game?

With the ever-evolving power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, UNICA Hotel Mapping is a source agnostic API designed to provide unique content to help enhance the user experience for travel businesses.

What does UNICA Hotel Mapping Do?

  1. De-Duplicate Hotel Inventory:
UNICA Hotel Mapping
UNICA Hotel Mapping

UNICA’s algorithm uniquely identifies hotel properties to each supplier and allows travel businesses to price their inventory correctly along with generating a higher number of conversions for them

2. Gives Opinionated Content To Improve User Experience:

Hotel Mapping
Hotel Mapping

UNICA gives users opinionated hotel content to make a purchase decision. By going beyond mapping UNICA’s algorithms continuously maps available hotel content attributes including images, amenities, geo-location details, and more to enrich the customers’ user experience.

3. Real-Time Content Updates:

UNICA works with all content sources in real-time. UNICA pushes content updates to its customers multiple times a day which helps them to stay updated on content. In addition to making new hotels available, it ensures there is no stale information shown to users ever.

4. Simple User Interface:

UNICA provides an easy-to-use User Interface so that configuring supplier credentials, uploading content files, finding duplicates & scheduling mapping for hotel content is all under its customer’s control.

With APIs to fully automate content delivery, UNICA is the only hotel mapping tool you will ever need.

Learn more about UNICA Hotel Mapping:

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